My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Great Weekend!

Oh this has been my kind of weekend! I do love to exercise and be with my family and just stuff! Yesterday burnt over 600cals with the two dvd's of MishBridges and today I burnt over 600cals from my bike ride with 12wbters. I loved it. It isn't so much that I am burning calories, more that I feel great after excercise. I am so lucky to be able to do that. Eating has been ok, predominantly stuck to eating plan or at least to meals from the menu plan. Today I did have three crumpets which I have not indulged in since the before 12wbt in February. I didn't know they were only 83cals each so really the lunch was under 300cals which isn't bad, breaky would have been below that too and dinner just above. Add to that a banana and Jason is just getting me a skinnycow which is also not a lot of cals. So I should be good to be under 1200cals today and I know I was yesterday. You know what, no matter what the scales say THIS IS LIVING!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nearing the end of week 2

Well I have had a pretty rough week this week. Work situation not so good and causing stress. So much red tape when you work for the government, you need to jump through hoops, you are not necessarily recognised for the work you do, you work your arse off for no recognition and disdain from the public. So much for being a public servant, it is difficult to say the least. So I got another job and now my bosses at my government job have gone in a spin and are taking me along for the ride. Needless to say this is stressful and it took its toll on my weigh in. Now that is not to say that I wasn't in control of my eating, I was but I let myself slip, I comfort ate, I used food as medicine, it was controlable and work wasn't. But controlable in a bad way, fed myself stupidly. I didn't review each day because how do you say 'today I ate two vegemite sandwich' that is above what I ate for the program. So that was my extra. Next day my extra was cake and buscuits and next day was WEIGH IN. Needless to say my 1.1kg gain put me in a spin and I cried and I was devastated. It has taken me a while to get my eating back in control, what I did do was up the exercise. Since exercise makes me feel better about myself, it helps.

Yesterday I ran/walked a little from Fortitude Valley to West End, along the river, through the botanical gardens and over the goodwill bridge. So very pretty. This was additional to the core work I had done before breakfast. Smashing 560cals for the day, good day for me. I ate poridge and banana, herbal teas, almonds & mandarin for lunch, tuna meal for dinner and some cake my children had made yesterday. All in all a good day and yes I know I shouldn't eat cake but what do you say to your little kids when they make one for you? YOu say, thank you,just a small piece and their small is adorably large. But I am a mother first and I dont mind.

Today I weighed myself and I have finally lost my 1.1kg and an extra .1 as well. So I am back on track. I may even have a good weight loss this week. This morning I am enjoying my protein shake with fruit for breaky. It is delicious with berries and banana and low fat soy milk. I do enjoy a protein shake. And I have a good workout planned, I am trying out one of my new MishBridges DVDs and then I shall take the dog for a walk/run. I intend to kill at least 500cals before I stop. I have another run planned for tonight, shorter, I shall run beside my daughter who wants to bike ride, it makes me sprint faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast!

tomorrow is the 12wbt group bike ride Sandgate to Shorncliffe. No idea really who will come but I am definitely going to enjoy riding by the water front. I dont have to kill records I just have to move.

12wbt and Michelle Bridges has changed my life! I pull myself together quicker, I exercise more, I am so much happier. Now if work would fall into line.

Then there was no runs because of the damn rain! Better for Sundays ride please.