My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Your Greatest Support

So I have this husband who I argue with a lot BUT he loves me. I know this because when I said I needed to try another weight loss system he said give it a go, when I said it cost $200, he said you are worth it, when I asked the second, third, fourth and fifth time he never waivered, he said yes, absolutely. Now there was a few times when he said I was beautiful just the way I was and I didn't need to loose the weight but then he recognised that is was important to me so he said yes, you are worth it. He didn't stop there though. He predominately makes most of the meals and he embraces them, adapting when necessary to a gluten free diet, and he is good and he is getting better at cooking and his food is awesome. And even on top of that he brags about me to his friends and now, even some of them have joined the program, so he is out there telling the world just what an amazing difference the 12wbt has made to our lives. To add to this he takes me to training sessions, supports me on the finish lines of fun runs, cares for the children to make it possible for me, supports my 12wbt friends and families. He is, what everyone wants in a partner, my suport, my rock, my comfort and I am blessed to have him in my life. He is not perfect, no one could be, but he is everything I had no idea I needed.

My kids! Holy cow they dont even recognise me from a year ago and even less so from two years ago. Who is that mummy they ask when they see a photo of me. Sometimes they run with me, or ride by my side when I run, they are there at the finish line, they cheer me on. I love my kids. Mind you, last year Miss nine was a little worried she would be eating vegetables every night for the rest of her life, now she accepts that that is the way life is.

My dog, she runs with me every time I ask. No fuss, no complaint, just company.

My 12wbt friends for life (Kimberley, Susie, Karen, Angela), my 12wbt training buddies (too many to name but I just adore team Calderwood). These are the people that make it fun to turn up to training and to challenge myself with. I truly love this part of my life and everyone in it.

There is the wonderful Qld Crew on facebook and yet more 12wbt family on the forums.

All of these people, inspire, love and support me. I am truly blessed.

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