My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kath wants to know:

about your physical strengths.
Holy Cow Kath, what physical strengths? Is that being able to run 10k nonstop (on a good day that is and not when in asthma) in an hour and ten minutes. Which could be nothing to others but to someone who never ran a year ago is pretty awesome. Or is it that I can do a bootcamp, stay in the advanced group and nail it! Everytime? Or is it that I hiked up and down hills for 30k and didn't give in to myself? Or that I have had a go at a triathalon, am nailing Mish's dvds where I never used to keep up, or that my life is full of running, catching and carrying children where before I couldn't keep up. Oh to see the muscles in my arms and legs, I love them.

about your mental strengths.
Not sure I have this either except I have never given up on the 12wbt program, and it has got tough and I could have given up and sometimes I have slips and the old me would have had to give up because I am not perfect. The new me is more realistic, the new me takes responsibility for my own health and fitness, the new me embraces everything 12wbt. The old me never lost weight and thought I was a lost cause. I am so worth every effort I put in to make my life better. So the fact that I have done all of the above is testiment to how strong my mind and my willpower have become.

the habits you have that make you strong
I dont know if I have habits that make me strong. I have habits that make me me! I am strong so that, philisophically speaking should be enough. But if I am absolutely honest about this it is all in the organisation, diarising, staying true to my word. Habit? or way of life?

what it is about you that makes you the fighter that is inside.
Am I a fighter? Well lets see I have been described as a 'dog' but I think she meant 'dog with a bone' which I call tenacity! I dont give up on things that matter. It just took me a while to realise I mattered. In fact it took 12wbt to make me realise I am as important as everyone else I fight for. So now I fight for me, for my family, for the things that are important. I do that because I care about others and I want life to be as good as possible for everyone. Not to wipe out sadness but to celebrate life and happiness.

Now if I am truly honest I became this way because I had to fight for everything as a child. My parents raised us to have a 'stiff upper lip', to 'never give up', to do better than 'try', to never say 'cant', and they never ever let me win. Life with my parents was a fight, not always pleasant, but enough to teach me the way I dont want to be and the way I do. I was taught to be strong by two people who had had to do it on their own. They showed no mercy; a blessing or a curse?

what prepares you to fight these 12 weeks now to make you extraordinary.
Seriously, the 12wbt program is what prepares me to fight to make me extraordinary. The tools are there, the support is there, the challenges are there, Michelle Bridges and her team are there. This prepares me for anything and everything in my life. This program has shown me what I am capable of and, quite frankly, I think I have only tapped the surface.

I dont see myself as inspirational, I see myself as being supportive, confident, happy and a little bit mad. I see myself as the me always wanted to be and I did it with my family's support and Michelle Bridges 12wbt. God Bless her.

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