My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the day before weigh in and all through the land........

we were worrying about whether we had done enough! Had we exercised enough, had we consumed the right amount of all the healthy foods available, had we eaten any no nos and what would the weigh in day show.....oh we were worrying, at least I was and yet I have been almost good. Almost!

Finally did some exercise today, so damn hot thought it would kill me but of course it didn't. I turned on that Tight Toned and Terrific dvd for Michelle to egg me on and enourage me. It gets easier each time but those damn push ups and tripush ups are designed to hurt me every damn time. Can anyone keep up with those? Anyway it is done and I could have done more but it is late and I am glad to have done something. I always think if I did cardio the night before weigh in I would get a better loss but that is not the way the 12wbt program runs, Tuesday is toning day! So I toned and lifted those damn weight and have shaky arms for my trouble. I know that in the long term I need this to build the muscles to boost the metabolism. I know it but sometimes I worry it is not going to be enough. Seriously after three full rounds you think I would trust the process by now. I trust Michelle, I dont trust that I have done enough. When did the goal become so damn important to me???? aagghhh, so much to learn.

Eating, well it was red flag day! I new we were doing yumcha for lunch so I just had stewed apple for breakfast, dinner was chicken and vegies with a smidgeon of the yoghurt dressing which left bloody yum cha. Where I could remove the outer layer I did and I ate nothing that had been fried. Lets hope I did enough to have lost some weight.

Let you know tomorrow!

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