My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Monday, March 7, 2011

I lost my damn post

Shit, there I was talking about really important shit only to have this damn thing loose it all. So pissed right now!

So what was I trying to say??? I think it was about giving up after my 100gram loss last week and having a sick kid in hospital, being depressed and over tired and not getting the exercise in because I was immobilised by my own depression and realisation I was never going to be perfect at this, my perfectionism was feeding my depression and I was ready to give up. It was a shitty shitty week and was not helped by loosing this post. I am so pissed right now.

Anyway, so I spilled about my tragic run on Saturday, trying my hardest to get back into the exercise I set off at 5pm as I need to practice running in the arvo anyway for this damn twilight run. Oh man it was bad. Well it didn't start that way, I had been running for over 30minutes and travelling well, felt good and still had fire left in my legs but that is when my bowels decided to open up, with no warning, in public whilst running. I hate hate hate being old, or getting old anyway. No control, this is what you all have to look forward to! I was devastated and embarrassed and tried ringing the hubby for a rescue which didn't come because he didn't answer. I somehow squelched home, tired, embarrassed and miserable. What is a girl to do, may as well give up, nothing was working.

Sunday I put on these shorty shorts, not tight short shorts but loose, comfy shortish shorts which covered the excess skin that hangs from the thights but showed off these muscular defined golden brown legs. Legs Michelle Bridges helped my uncover from the tree stumps they used to be. Legs that were made possible for the 12wbt program. So like I am inspired by these legs, they are damn hot thank you very much. Not sure when that happened. And can I say that the photo competition this week should really include a photo of my legs! Just saying, they are inspirational.

So I looked at my legs and I thought 'aren't these worth keeping going for, do you really want tree stumps again?' and I dont. I dont want tree stumps, I love these golden brown muscular shapely legs that somehow have been uncovered on my body. Very cool. Time to find time to exercise.

but again I woke this morning overtired and unable to get out of bed despite an early night. I was struggling. I came home from work and went for a run! Yes I did. I ran for 33minutes doing a run I have never run completely before today because the hills kill me (or do they?) and I came home to hubby cooking the 12wbt pork dish! Oh yeah baby. And after dinner I did the 12wbt advanced week three Monday outdoor workout in my lounge (yes you can do that).

Who the hell thought turkish get ups were a good idea? I had so wanted to give them a go but by the fourth one I was struggling. how the hell I managed three sets of fifteen is beyond me. Please lets not have them again soon.

So under 1200cals, a run and a workout. Am I back on track? Only time will tell. I have to work more late nights this week so not overly hopeful about the exercise but I shall perservere.

I have great legs!

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  1. Photo please!!! ;) I have a long way to go on my journey but have started to notice the muscles under the fat! Getting very excited. Look forward to joining you in liking my legs!

    Good on you for soldiering on despite all the obstacles. Thank you for being so open and honest. I always enjoy your blog when I am poking around the posts...

    All up, up, up from here, Ruth!