My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Monday, February 28, 2011

Its blogging time! We are off with week 2

Ahhh, week two is here and so is heaps more delicious meals thanks to Michelle Bridges and her taste testers! I do love the meals on this program.

I kind of only ate about 800cals today cause breaky was only a banana, morning tea and afternoon tea was a few apricots (fresh!), lunch was mountain bread with roast beef, tomato and salad leaves and dinner was not naughty nachos, no light sour cream for me. A very clean day and I dont feel hungry at all. I do feel tired though.

For exercise, after missing my SSS (sorry Michelle but kids in hospital do put a spanner in the exercise works), I did a 9k run/walk/whatever, just kept moving really for 1hr and 23mins. Not happy with the time but it was damn hot, didn't set off until 9am and did all the hilly bits first up, the first 30minutes I ran anyway, after that it was just about getting to the end and I saved the running for the shady bits. Thank God I took water. My HRM isn't working so I do not have an exact figure but I have no doubt I was over 700cals making it a very very low calorie day.

Good for the weightloss but probably not good for the muscles. I was going to do another workout tonight but I just dont feel like it now. It is getting late and I need to sleep. Had a headache today too, perhaps from exercising in the heat or stress or both. Who knows but my head does not feel like it belongs to me and right now I wish it didn't.

Blah, it was an ok day in the scheme of things.

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