My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mini Milestone Weekend

Yes its been a while, plenty of ups and downs with a damn weight gain of 100g and I was working out like a damn demon but of course this means my eating was dreadful. And it was, kept using the old excuse that I was working it off anyway which I did but not quite all the way! Dumb week. But I knew it was time to rein it all in and so thats what I am trying this week. Hubby and me are giving up pepsi max this week. Dont know how long it will last but so far I have gone 24hours. I am drinking a ginger ale though because I needed something sweet and my tummy hurts. Probably not helping. So I am living in an eating clean week and hoping I am exercising enough.

I ran my twilight fun run 10k this afternoon as my mini milestone. Weather was a little wet which kept the temperature down which was important given we set off at 3.30pm. I have never ran more than 1 hour before, never ran more than 7k before so this was my biggest challenge yet. To finish a 10k race! Of course to finish first you have to start and I was kind of in a little world of my own, stretching, listening to the crowd and then it was time to get the ipod going and next thing we are getting the "go" and I jump in the air, not from fright but from sheer exhileration! And I was happy, I was smiling and I felt the smile and I was so damn happy to be running. When I got a stone in my shoe I did not stop, when I was busting for the loo I did not stop (well not until I got to the 6.5k mark and I needed water but not without a loo break first) and there was a time that a stone and a full bladder would certainly have been an excuse to give up but I didn't. I kept going and when I got to the 7k mark in 52minutes I was feeling ok so I kept going and a young man fell into pace with me and we ran together to the end. He kept me going even when I was thinking I had gone far enough. I ran another kilometer and I was still under an hour. I could not beleive it but then I came to a hill and I just couldnt get up it, my chest was hurting, I wasn't sure why so I walked up that hill, I walked less then 100m in total so I am happy with that. And then I passed 9k and I realised it hurt more to walk than to run and so I ran. All the time this young man stayed with me and sometimes he would run a bit ahead and walk and I would catch up and we would run together again. I thank that man from the bottom of my heart and wonder if I would have had the motivation to keep going had he not been beside me. In the last 10m he shot foward to finish and I saw him turn around and wait for me! He gave me a high five and then we parted ways. How damn lovely was that.

My time was 1hour 13minutes. That is not the official time but the time that showed on the clock as I ran through the finish. There was a few more seconds attached but I figure it took me a few seconds to get to the start line. Anyway it will fall around that time and I am damn happy with that. All I wanted to do was finish and my aim was to do that in 1hr30min. Very very happy.

So my thanks goes to Michelle Bridges for believing in me and telling me I can (12wbt is the best program ever and does so much more that weight loss), KimberleyM for always being there beside me in spirit (she is an absolute champion and an awesome training buddy), SusieD who inspires, supports and encourages (and was there at the end and found me! how cool is that), my dear friend Angela who encourages and inspires me, my beautiful personal trainer Andrew de Angelis who enourages me to go a little harder, and my husband and children who are always there to cheer me on and my dog who runs with me when I train and is a pretty darn good training buddy too.

My life is truly blessed.

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