My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And today we crashed and burned

I got up and talked myself out of exercising because the husband wasn't home yet so I fell back asleep and when I woke up it was shockingly 7.30am and already bloody hot. So I weighed in.

Now I haven't weighed in since the beginning of the month. I can officially state I gained exactly 3kg since the end of 12wbt weighing in at 81.9kg! Not happy but not sad either, in fact it could have been a lot worse and I decided it was doable to get rid of that before week one of the program. this was what I was thinking this morning and then my day began.

I ate a great brekky at @290 calories and a good lunch at about @190 calories. I was doing great and then I took the children to Red Rooster for lunch and no I didn't buy myself anything, yippee for willpower and then I took them to the park and things got a little tricky.

We played speedminton (thanks Mish and team, great prize!) and we walked and talked and enjoyed ourselves and then I found the liquorice stall. Has anyone noticed how these have popped up everywhere? So I get us all one each but alas Tom asks me to eat his and Sharleigh is not much better so 2.75 straps of liquorice later, lets not go were the calorie count is because that is just dreadful but oh how I love liquorice, let me count the ways (all bar the alsorts actually) and what was my brain was thinking just one more treat, just one more before we about that for stinking thinking! I started this time last year, I already started and one bite would have been sufficient surely but alas no because I would have had to carry it, carry temptation in my hands and not succumb. I am weak, very very weak so in future remind me DO NOT go near the liquorice stall. Stupid me. And then, because I had promised my kids I bought lamingtons but alas and alac Tom wanted me to eat his. Killing me, these kids are killing me. So why not give it to Kira who wanted it? Greed baby, greed. When will I learn?

Now on the upside I was outside, walking around, jumping, running even at one point up a hill and generally not sitting around on the computer so that is good. On the downside I have too many stupid excuses about food.

Australia Day done and dusted and I am probably .5kg bigger.

so then there was dinner, thank God for Crunchtime and the lovely beef roast and vegies. So damn delicious. Loved every mouthful. Michelle Bridges your recipes rock!

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