My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Was it a successful day today?

What can I say? No licquorice, no lollies, no icecream, no exercise! I wrote down my new no exercise excuse. I got up and the heel spur was so damn painful I layed back down and sais later, but here it is 8.30pm and later has not come. Climbing the stairs does not count! But I ate clean so that has to count as something AND I went online and found some stretches for the heel I can do before I get out of bed so I shouldn't be able to use that excuse tomorrow AND I told the hubby he better be home on time so I can go running. Oh dear, what if I cant run because a week without running is too much.........shit, anyone hear an excuse coming on? Tomorrow is another day peoples, anything could happen.

NOw my upside is a @200cal breaky, @200cal morning tea, @200cal lunch and an @340cal dinner. No I am not hungry, not worried about it at all but I do have a headache! So this is a clean eating day for me filled with fruit and vegies and Crunchtime roo steak with lentil mash, you should see the photo! Michelle Bridges has the most awesome menus and meals.

OH and I had a very successful day at work too........maybe that helps with being able to control the eating????

So new excuse, written down to add to the list, and clean eating. Not such a bad preseason day.

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