My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Saturday, January 29, 2011

If you keep allowing your emotional brain to overrun logical, you will never regain control.

Michelle told me this yesterday and you know she is dead right.

Today I was having an ok day but my kids were just horrible and I couldn't cope with yelling at them to do their chores anymore so I decided, since I was so miserable with them, I would go to work and do something useful that did not involve my family. BUT I was miserable so when I walked to the newsagent to get my card for the things I was making I picked up a roll of peppermint chocolate. Mish's words were ringing in my ears so I put it back but then my emotion took over and it was 'just one aint gonna hurt' and even though I knew it was gonna hurt I did it anyway. Michelle is so right! It was emotion that picked up that chocolate and emotion that ate it but unfortunately it is my stomach that expanded.

How am I going to break this emotional hold? Sux! Sux big time! And I know it is within my control, I have done this and won but right now I am so damn emotional I want to cry most of the time.

Now dont get me wrong, I loved that chocolate and it was the only bad thing I consumed today and, with icecream in the fridge, that makes me pleased. Still I could have done better for myself.

I can proudly say I ran today, well I ran for 15 minutes before sciatica struck and then I alternated between running and walking then the running getting less as the bowels did their thing. I hate getting old! None the less it was 339 calories burnt and this is more than any other day this week.

Thank God for bootcamp tomorrow!

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