My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pain in Paradise!

OMG I am so glad we started again for the year. As with the forums closing last year and bootcamp stopping for Christmas I was so deeply lonely and saddened. I didn't even realise how much I loved this stuff until they started agagin. And Pain in Paradise bootcamp was freaking rocking! We have grown from worrying we would get the minimum number of five to a whopping 26 participants this morning. I looked at my dear friends Angela and Kimberley and was so very very happy. And then to look around and see old friends, Karen and Selina, old friends new to 12wbt, Lisa and then just masses of new 12wbters who will, with luck, all be friends in the making. A blessing.

We ran, jumped, frogged, crunched, sandbaged, push-uped, laughed and laughed some more, inspired and cheered and encouraged. I love what we have going and I love that we share it. Fortnightly bootcamps are back at New Farm Park and I could not be happier.

Smashed 645cals!

There is talk of Redland bootcamps coming our way soon. On the other fortnight and on a Saturday. Angela is so going to be looking out for our 12wbt family and give us even more opportunities to share training. Got your back girlfriend, you are not on your own in this. I am on the northside but can see myself trekking down from time to time to keep an eye on things and smash are more cals.

So back to my issues with emotional eating, its true, that is exactly what I am. As we drove home I felt really miserable, Jason was yelling and carrying on, plenty of miss understandings and really felt like shit which was sad after the bootcamp. I wanted to eat, oh yes I did and it didn't really matter what and I nearly suggested we go to the bakery and get pies and apple slice but I didn't. He shut up and I went into my own little dream world of bootcamp bliss and I didn't feel like eating anymore. I had a little smile on my face and I was happy. So now to try to make myself feel that way when I dont feel anything but misery and sad. Can I, I can try, I really can. Think happy thoughts and you really do feel like you can fly. Maybe my new mantra should be:


I will let you know how I go.

On another note the heel spur is driving me insane with pain. I stretched it out before bootcamp and hardly felt it in my heavenly bliss but now, holy cow! My sweet baby girl has massaged it for me, I have stretched a little and Jason has gone to the chemist for some anti inflamatories. I hate heel spurs. Or pain.

And talking about pain, why do I hurt already Andrew the Pip PT? Huh???? Why Why Why???? My legs, my tummy eeeeouchhhhh. This is not in two days, this is same day pain. Gotta love bootcamp.

Eating : Almost under control today and enjoyed some prunes as a treat
Exercise : PiP Bootcamp with the team

LIfe does not get better than this.

oh oh oh and Andrew is going to help Jason start to move again. Wouldn't it be nice to have a husband that is moving forward as well. He almost eats right and now he will be moving a small bit because there is so much injury damage it is going to take a while. Still something is always going to be better than nothing.


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