My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 1 - round 3

Oh dear, it is day one and I ate chocolate cake. And I said no but it was made clear to me that to say no was insulting (its a cultural thing) so I said just a "slither" and it wasn't, I mean in whos eyes would that have been a slither? It was really delicious and very very kind but still, day one! It is part of the job to be culturally appropriate when in other's homes. I am disapponted! My day in review:

Exercise - quick run 170cals

Breaky - porridge, Berries and herbal tea 171 cals
Lunch - tuna meal with diet coke 202 cals
AT - CHOCOLATE CAKE and at least I didn't have a tea or coffee! 434 Cals
Dinner - fish and salad with pepsi max 257 cals

Total consumed 1064
Total smashed 170
Net calorie intake 894!

Of course I still have to get through the night and I can feel a herbal tea coming on but that is later. I might even fall asleep on the couch before I get there. Now tomorrow will require me to exercise inside because the rain will not stop! I do not like rain, not when I want to run. But we must keep moving.

I love that people are commenting more fequently on my weight loss. And I love that the darling Sam is embracing the 12wbt program with such enthusiams. She says I am her mentor, her inspiration. That is so lovely.