My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 3 ~ round 3

hmmmmmmm, somewhat of a stressful day and I would like to say that I had a good excuse for the chocolate but stress isn't a good excuse and it isn't a reason to blow my hard work to the wind. I did enjoy it though, I love dark chocolate and mint in whatever form it comes. I suppose sharing it with the children is a step up from gorging in private. I even insisted they eat more and more just so it was gone and not tempting me. In some ways this is an improvement. Of course after they went to bed I indulged AGAIN in a skinnycow double choclate mousse thing. Oh now that was good too. But still it did blow the healthy eating plan!

My weigh in was good ~ 1.7kg gone. I couldn't quite believe it myself. I'm not quite sure how I did that since I had icecream and chocolate cake. Not together but still they were eaten. Thank goodness for the most part my willpower remains in tact. Shame about the darn stressful days.

Breaky~ porridge, berries: 168cals
AM~ protien drink: 150cals
lunch~ tuna and crakers and two strawberries: 230cals
dinner~ Lentil spagetti (I was duped though because the kids told me that was on the dinner plan and it WASN"T ~ I have got to watch those kids, first time they told me a fib to get the yummy dinner! I realised there was something wrong when I went to the cupboard and no pasta.) and diet coke: 470cals
Supper chocolate - probably 1000s of calories!

Exercise 400cals I had a fall and hurt my knee and ankle. There was a time I would have given up but I kept going, limping, walking, running it was still moving. JFDI I thought, what is the worst that could happen. The bruise on my knee bites today though.

If I had been good that would be 1018 in and 400 burn giving a net total of 618 but we know the chocolate made that not so good. Lets leave it at that. Back on the program day 4.