My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 2 - round 3

Not a good day really. Quite bad in fact and I feel just a wee bit sick! My own fault, I was enjoying my steak so I had a second piece. Honestly, this nutrition plan does not allow for what I ate today. Aghghhhhhh.

morning ~ tpning 250cals
evening ~ cardio 250cals

Eating (oh do I have to be honest?)

breaky ~ porridge, banana, cinamon and herbal tea 213cals
am ~ mini muffin with herbal tea 110 cals
lunch ~ ham, cottage cheese and sprout wrap, diet coke and mini muffin 379cals
pm ~ rice crackers 72cals
dinner ~ roo steak and vegies 418cals

Total cals consumed 1192
Total cals burnt 500
Net cals 692

so you know when I look at it like that it isn't too bad so why do I feel overfull and bad about how much I ate. I think the two mini muffins are freaking me out and the extra bit of steak but when I look at it, they dont have as many cals as I thought. Anyway not I am just thirsty. All that exercise!