My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

workout even with asthma

Yes I can, it just isn't as good. Only killed 160cals on my toning workout but still it has to be better than doing nothing at all. Consistency, right? Get up, get moving, do something. Dont have to smash it up every time. So why do I feel so down for not being able to do more?


  1. Hey Ruth - I don't seem to be able to leave comments on all your posts? Just wanted to say it looks like you are doing a great job! :) Awesome start!

  2. Hey Ruth, me too! I love that you were completely honest in your last post and that you realised that it actually wasn't that bad! You stuck to calories, you burned nearly half of them off. You will do great..

    Hope you have a smashing week ahead (and work out how to turn comments on the rest of your posts :) )