My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yesterday in review

Well I woke somewhere between 4am and 4.30am so it was a very long day! Why, well this is the day that we were wrapping up round 2 in Brisbane.

6.15 10k bike ride with husband ~ 230cals
7.00 breakfast ~ porridge, banana & cinamon ~ 210 cals
10.00 12wbt group work out Kurilpa Park (so much fun to exercise with friends) ~ 560 cals
1.30 lunch ~ ommlette with corn and low fat cheese ~ 329cals
2.00 shopping ~ just how much do I buy from the green grocer now? More than 3/4 of my groceries~
3.30 nap (well kind off because the house was so alive I just kind of layed there)
4.45 get ready for the night
5.30 travel to restuarant
6.30 12WBT round 2 finale Brisbane wrap up party at Viet de-lites! Oh thank you so much for coming my friends. So awesome! Dinner - baked salmon on mashed sweet potato with baby Asian greens. Calories are a bit hard to tell but lets say 600! Plus a burbon and diet coke at about 80cals
10.30 apple slice (dont know what I was thinking but I really wanted it~ oh well) 224cals

Total cals consumed 1443 (or there abouts)
Total cals exercised off 790!

You know it was a lovely day and it was a great way to end round 2. I am ready for round 3, I still worry about my mini and major milestones and my goals. It would seem that, despite being over weight still my goals have still changed to fitness and strength rather than weight loss. I mean that has to be ok because they are my goals. Anway, lets see how far we can go before Christams