My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 4 - round 3

Aghhh, another day closer to my goals! But another headache and a long road to freedom. Stress is driving me to chocolate and icecream and I KNOW that is self medicating with food but seriously it still works kind of. Oh whatever, I just want to feel good again. Anyway, no excuses, I need to be under control.

Exercise: toning and a run ~ 500cals
Breaky: eggs and tomato ~ 124cals
AM: herbal tea ~ 3 cals
lunch: chicken salad at Chipmunks with mustard mayonaise on the side & herbal tea ~ @470cals
afternoon tea: chocolate, chocolate icecream and more calories than I can count, lets say about 900cals
dinner: cauliflower soup (Angela is a genius) 147cals

Total cals consumed 1644cals
Total burned 500cals
Net cals 1144 cals

It is no way to loose weight but at least I should remain steady! I hope. Anyway, tomorrow, with any luck will be a better day. I need to revisit my excuses, did I say stress??? did i? I doubt it. I haven't been stressed in a while so it really wasn't something I was thinking about. And for a stress management strategy that does not involve chocolate? hmmmmm, I do have the deep breathing, the meditation, the primal scream but these are hard to do when you are looking after kids or at work. Lets think about it shall we? Or maybe we should just call it as we see it i.e. stress and not an excuse to blow our hard work.

Why am I using the bloody royal we? I so need sleep.