My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 5 - Round 3

OMG, I am tired, I am stressed but it only cost me one tiny melting moment today and not chocolate on chocolate which is better.

1st run 350cals
2nd run 190cals
3rd run 100cals

breaky: porridge, banana & herbal tea ~ 213cals
am: herbal tea ~ 3 cals
lunch: steak and salad at the pub with mushy sauce on the side ~ 337 cals
pm: mini melting moment and pepsi max ~ 106cals
dinner: pizza (homemade of course)~ 200 cals
supper: bourban and coke ~ 80cals

total cals consumed 939 but possibly having another 80cals in a minute
less burnt cals 640
net cal intake so far 299 (possibly 379, well more than likely really)

good day, better than others. I still have to work out what I am doing in the morning, probably considering how many people are in the home I will go for a jog. NOt an overly long one because some of those people are sad kids who miss their mum and I am not their mum. My kids dont miss me when I run, they worry about when I am getting back! ahahhahaha, I am a horrible mummy sometimes but I love them! Got the best kids ever.