My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The day before round 3!

Am I ready, no not really. I still struggle with will power as my husband eats a huge bowl of icecream and bananas and I know I want some. I love icecream and banana. I also love the new me so I struggle the internal fight, the one that says "but it doesn't start until tomorrow"! Of course it started back in January in pre season round 1, it started so long ago and still I struggle with my 'willpower muscle' being not so strong and very easy to tempt. What do I want more I ask myself, food and fat or healthy and happy. I mean it shouldn't even have to be asked. So many people are commenting on the new look me, they are really positive. I should want that more, I should feel like I deserve it for the hard work I have put in and I shouldn't want to blow it in a bowl of icecream so I tell myself "just one bowl" and it will be just one bowl tonight but it may well be one bowl tomorrow night and the next night and the night after. All that exercise for a bowl of icecream and a stupid fat body that is stuck here. I mean I am at my goal weight, I wanted to fit in the prewedding dress and I do. But this is still sitting in the obese range, man I am not even overweight I am full on obese. I have to remind myself. I have got to stop being complacent. I really do want to loose that 10kg more before Christmas (still wont be healthy weight but still, so much better than where I was). I wish I could be consistent with the eating, I wish I could control the hungry switch! Yes yes, I probably can.

Today in review:
No exercise unless you count walking around a garden shop and planting out a few plants. Lets me honest it was nice but not overly taxing.

Breaky ~ pancakes made by my daughter (no extras) @316 cals
Lunch ~ ham and salad sandwich @ 528 cals
AT ~ coffee and little bit of Tom's biccie @67 cals
Dinner ~ beef and corn salsa (holy cow, absolutely devine) 320cals
Supper ~ herbal tea 3cals

Total consumed 1234 cals! Not bad, not great but still it doesn't have a bowl of icecream and a banana in it and THAT would be a lot worse.