My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

already complacent!

So I have this new goal in mind, it was going to be 70kg which is the goal I want to achieve but I have a secret dream goal of 68kg which gets me into a healthy BMI which would be way cool and when I was running this morning I actaully was pushing myself "is 68kg worth it?" hell yeah and so I ran harder and faster! Good work! So can anyone tell me why I ate dips and buiscuits in the arvo, apple slice and then three fruit buns plus my three meals????? Anyone? Just fuck fuck fuck! Why is it when I exercise I am committed 100% but when it comes to eating I talk myself into all sorts of things. Like today it was 'ah but kickoff isn't until Monday' and 'today was weigh in, you can get it off before next one'. These are really negative ways to think and I would be better off saying things like 'is 68kg worth it?' which it is.

This is not emotional eating, this is opportune eating, the food is there and I eat it. No wonder kitchen make overs are so bloody important, nonetheless this food was not at home.

I am driving myself nuts and now have to find yet more solutions to these ridiculous excuses. I want to achieve on this round of 12wbt, this is the one I want to get to my healthy bmi with. Sux to be eating all the time. I need more SELF CONTROL and I have no doubt that will mean more SELF ESTEEM!

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