My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Monday, February 14, 2011

it was a chocolate day, but it was MY choice!

I wasn't sad, I didn't feel bad, I wasn't blaming anyone, I just felt like a bit of chocolate and I enjoyed every mouthful. Since my calorie count to that point was under 700 cals and since I am not eating any more tonight I will live with my choice. At least I have come a long way and can truthfully say I could have said no but I choose to say yes, for now given my low calorie count. I will wear the cost.

Now in the meatime I have discovered that if I hit 68kilos I will fall in the 'healthy bmi' range. My goal was to get to 70 but now I am thinking, since I am learning so much, I could really do that, it is achieveable, this could be my goal! A healthy BMI!!!! Not fat but healthy. Of course I may find myself a little to thin, or worse a little too baggy of skin but for now I reckon it is a goal worth trying for.

Today I diarised. I really diarised. I dont think I did this in previous rounds, it was kind of more of an 'of course I will' but this time I did it for real including booking in that mini milestone 10k Twilight run on 20th March. I really did it! I am going to do it and I dont care if I have to crawl I am finishing. So damn exciting. It took me all afternoon but it was worth it. I put in my work stuff too so I know where I am and when I am working weekends, I can see each month at a glance and therefore will be able to put in more as I want to. This is cool.

Hey Mish, I diarised and that is cool.

So next stop is measures. Anyone know where my tape measure is? Totes Whateves, I will get a new one if I have too.

Look out healthy BMI I am chasing you down!!! I feel so much stronger in myself this round, I am coming into it with such a huge breakthrough I really feel like I am in control. It had to happen. I expect setbacks, breakdowns and breakthroughs. The journey isn't over, it is just beginning.

Roll on 12wbt kickoff.

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  1. Way to go!! I'm hoping to hit my healthy BMI at about 4 weeks in and then to hit the middle point by the end of the 12 weeks - so exciting!!