My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A little weight loss, a lot of happiness

Oh what a day. We started by running,no excuses friends and even though the asthma kicked in I didn't give up, I walked but I didn't give up. The coughing started so I knew it was time to listen to the body and walking is not all bad. then of course the bowels kicked in and I knew it was time to cut the run/walk short. None the less it was 379calories smashed and I am happy with that. It did mean I was off to a late start but all in all I was happy.

I got home to a weigh in. Bless those damn scales witha 1.2kg weight loss this week. Now I am still not at my end of round 3 2010 weight but it was a loss and that is the right direction. Thank you bootcamp and running! Exercise rocks. And even though I have been exploring my excuses and not always eating healthy I still do my best to do my best (LOL, blonde moment). No, I am all about giving it a go. I am so damn happy with a weight loss.

Roll on the rest of my day and there may have been a small cake after lunch and some frozen yoghurt after dinner but garunteed it was still around 1200cals for the day. A good day, a happy day! A day of exercise, of predominantly healthy eating (thank you Jason for the deliciously cooked snapper), a day of friends, a day of work and a day of rest, a day of fun, a day of thoughts, a day thinking about how Michelle has changed my life and with her help I will continue to transform into the best version of me.


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