My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 2 and a new lesson

OK so how was the second day of my 12 twelve weeks (and I am bound to loose count of the days although some dont, day number is irrelevant, they meld in a brain like mine. But there you go, back to how I went today and what did I learn!

No exercise, I ended up taking a sleeping tablet because I hadn't slept a full night in weeks and it wasn't helping my disposition. It is like now I have been diagnosed with depression I can give into the need for a good night sleep. I woke at 6.10am and it was raining so unfortunately there just wasn't time for a work out if I was to make my 8am appointment. No people, not an excuse, try no sleep or broken sleep for weeks and see if you dont finally succumb to the need for a full night without waking. This full night's sleep has made me tired. I will live and I may even excercise while I watch telly later, it wont be a run but it might be some step ups, we will see how we go.

Food: aaahhh, we all know this is my weakness but this is where I learnt a valuable lesson today. I ate a great yummy low cal breaky (oats and blueberries = favourite) and lunch was a plate of vegies left over from last night (no sauces or extras, just the delicious vegies), snacks involved an apricot, a nectarine and a handful of grapes. Serioulsy good so far! Dinner was fish and vegies (barramundi mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm makes me happy). So you see this would easily fall below my 1200cals BUT then came the interesting bit.

My hubby had bought some easter eggs, mini ones, for the kids and Miss 10 asked for one so I said as long as I could have one too, she gave me two and I knew I needed more, it was like a bloody addiction, I did not want to stop. Weigh in tomorrow guys so where was my self control? Out the window, thank God there was only two of the evil eggs left so Miss 10 had one and I had the other. Three damn mini chocolate eggs. Works out to be about 110calories. So figured out my daily total to 1178 cals but even though it still came in under the 1200 I needed to know that I cannot stop when I have started chocolate. There is no point having a treat in the house for a bit here and there when I have the calories up, when I open chocolate I eat to the end. If I ever get control over that I am going to be so happy. Can I say that chocolate of the mini egg wasn't even that nice, I was waiting for the yummy chocolate feel and it came and went so quickly it was hardly worth it. Lesson learned, do not start chocolate, do not buy chocolate and pray to God that the hubby learns not to bring chocolate into the house. Please Please Please let him learn that.

Michelle Bridges is a wise woman when she says do a kitchen makeover, unfortunately my hubby didn't think it applied to him. Buggar.

UPDATE : did the advanced lean and fit day one workout. Bet my butt hurts even more tomorrow.

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