My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Friday, February 18, 2011


Really what can you say on a Friday except that it makes me happy to go into a weekend. Even a bigger blast now that the weekend has started. So my day in review and my commitment to the secret goal of 68kg.............

Eating, not so bad, not perfect but still under 1200cals so making up for it now with a few prunes. I am not really sure about how Michelle Bridges feels about prunes but I always thought them to be relatively harmless and fill the need for something sweet which I have tonight. I've eaten quite a few now and I really should stop so I will, um after two, no be honest three more.

Exercise, well that was way cool. I ran 5.75km this morning smashing 471 cals and getting it done in 43 minutues so averaging just under 8km/hour. Not bad and if I can increase my distance and that timing I am set for my 10km on 20th March. This is goal 1, to run the 10km twilight run. booking made, time to train.

Secrets to my success:
1. Music helps me run, seriously, I sprinted the last 500m because the music MADE me. Music is very very healthy in many ways.
2. Repeating '68kg how bad do you want it' makes me run faster and harder! My heart rate actually peaked at 184 in that last sprint, that last desperate attempt to get to 68kg yesterday!

OK, eating over for today, 68kg means quite a bit to me!

Tomorrow Jason starts with the PT and begins to move in a new direction, thank God, he is enjoying seeing the weight come off now he has given up the soft drinks.

I get to do my first Redlands bootcamp.

LIfe is good if you dont count work.

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  1. go go go! 68 kgs is sooo achievable especially with your positive attitude!

    Well done for signing up for th twillight run.....I wish I was here to do it with you.