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Thursday, February 17, 2011

No good, very bad, ugly day

I exercised this morning and was disappointed that I only killed off 245cals doing Michelle's supershredder workout. This tells me I am now a lot fitter than when I started and even though I was working hard I must have more in the tank. Or maybe I am just a whole heap fitter. That's good news I guess.

I ate well, didn't over eat, was under 1200cals with all the appropriate nutrients, no chocolate, no nasty snacks, no junk. That is good news I guess.

I lost my temper, big time, really big time and I realised I have been snapping all week at work at home everywhere but none the less 'loose my temper' holy shit, I dont do that. I reckon meanness is going to get me every bloody time and I have been working and living with mean for a few weeks now and so I snapped. I feel like shit, not because they didn't deserve it, because they are nasty to me everyday so even if I got this one wrong they are still mean to me (rolling eyes and not saying anything to me no matter what I say can be interpreted as 'mean'), but because I let myself get really pissed off. They demanded an apology so I gave one but it wasn't sincere, now of course I am sorry I snapped, it wasn't right and there is always a better way. And one was tantamount to calling me a lier and after saying that she said I was unprofessional both of which just made me angrier with them. And with the apology they both stormed off and didn't even accept it anyway. Blah, who is umprofessonal now. I feel like crap. On the downside I would usually turn to food, on the upside I didn't do that. 68kg, is it worth it to me, yes yes yes.

But the repercussions will come, they always do. So I owned up to my boss, I apologied to those I snapped at but still there is a culture of bullying here and so that means this is not over, not by a long shot.

Sux to be me right now.

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