My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 1, Round 1 2011

Well, after all the damn hype and preparation you would think I would have done a whole lot better with my eating on day one of 12wbt.

So exercise was out because after eight days straight I needed a break and I was in massive pain in my bum and thighs from my hikes up that damn Wild Horse mountain. No idea why I did it so many times except that I thought I could and I did thanks to my friend Kimberley who kept me going when I wanted to surrender to the mountain. And the thing about keeping going is that you feel so damn good about having kept going. So almost four goes at it and only short on the last one by a about 20metres and I can live with that because I didn't realise it would be so hard.

And the eating yesterday wasn't the best. Kind of the last chance mentality, which although it didn't lead me to chocolate, still was not a great attitude when it came to Kimberley's Anzac biccies (OMG they were good). But all things considered it could have been a whole lot worse, not like I ate junk food or lollies or stupid things, just my friend and her daughters cooking which I enjoyed every mouthful off and life is too short to be in constant denial.

And so today I ate an ok breaky and it was only 223 calories so I had quite a few up my selve. Dinner was devine being chicken with roast tomato, aspargus and assorted vegies with this delicions mustard sauce. Holy cow that was good. It was only another 282 calories so I am on a roll but what about the middle of the day? Man I am so ashamed at myself. I should have prepared but it all went wrong. We were all supposed to take food to share, one was bringing salad, one was bringing breads and I was bringing fruit. I could have wangled the calories around that but there was no salad, their was a delicous slice that had pastry and sliverbeet and eggs and romano cheese. Too scared to work out calories there. And there was homemade fruit cake, oh dear Lord where was the bread. And so I ate because the meeting went from 10am to 3.30am. It was morning, afternoon tea and lunch combined as one endless scrumy lunch. Now I can hope I didn't go over in calories but my tummy is screaming full full full so I doubt I did myself any favours.

Buggar, bum, shit! Moved the water closer to me several times to try to stay in control but food surrounded me and I was a goner. So much work to do on my excuses and my will power. I am off to a really bad start. We can only improve and hopefully that will be sooner rather than later. I have plenty of left over vegies from tonight for tomorrows lunch. Much better option. Stay away from the food Ruth.

God only knows what Michelle would say. I can say I was diagnosed with depression today so I am now fighting a whole lot more than emotional eating. Anti-depressant nedication can be a killer for weightloss. It could be a tough round.

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