My 12wbt Round 1 2011 goal

Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 5 of week 1 and we are off

We are off to a flying start I guess. Today I just wasn't that hungry, unusual yes but kind of glad I dont have the over full feeling of yuck. Only had a banana for breaky, grapes for morning tea, some of the left over brocolli bake for lunch and a pizza for dinner. A few diet soft drinks and that is it for me today. When offered more I just didn't feel like it and so I passed. This is good for me but also a little strange, usually I would eat it, usually I would feel hungry after so little. I better not have lost all appetite due to meds, that is a side effect for some. That will not aid in muscle recovery so that I can keep training. Michelle is quite clear on the nutrients needed and I need to follow that if I am to succeed this round. But I am is all overwhelming at the moment. I need to take this day as a win rather than overthink things.

I went for a run this morning, not successful as a runner, I did 23mins before feeling tired and needing a break, I had used a lot of mind talk to get me that far. The chest was painful and the legs still hurt from the night before. So on the way back I did runs, walks and sprints at different intervals. All up it took me 45mins to do about 6.5km. Better than nothing but I know I shouldn't have run two days in a row. Still running does make me feel good so I am going for that. Not like I don't have a lot of fat still to burn! Working on it.

I love my muscles! Just want to say. Sometimes when I doing a push up I look at them. Sometimes I rub them and squeeze them and flex them. I love them! I have muscles in my arms, all through them. They look awesome and make me feel great. I have these saggy bits (often refered to as tuck shop arms) but they are my trophies of the weight I have lost, I wear them with pride and when I flex my muscles I know I have put in the hard yards. I love muscles!

It was a good day really. The HRM is not working so no idea how many cals I burnt but I reckon I was under the 1200cal mark anyway so probably was a low cal day for me after exercise. I should be happy but I am so damn tired. Take nighty night tablets tonight to get some good sleep. Master 8 has been sick the last few days so I am letting him sleep in my bed, all the more reason to take the nighty nights!

I really hope I snap out of this soon because the family and house need me.

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